Success TidBits

What you are about to learn can change your life. These ideas, methods and practices will boost your productivity, double your income, lower your stress levels and make you one of the most productive people in your field today.

Bad habits are easy to develop and HARD to live with!

And since we are creatures of habits it is important to develop GOOD HABITS. The exciting thing is that:

Good habits are hard to develop and EASY to live with!

Here are the latest "TidBits of Success."


To everything you do. This rule says that most of your results will come from 20% of the tasks or activities you do.

a. Developed by economist Vilfredo Pareto – The Vital Few and Trivial Many 

b. Vital Few (20%) of your activities will account for 80% of your results while the 

c. Trivial Many (80%) of your activities will only account for the other 20% of your results.

d. Make a list of 10 items to do and 2 will turn out to be worth more than all the others.

e. Practice creative procrastination on the 80% tasks - the average person procrastinates on the high value task but this is not for you.

f. Hold you own feet to the fire and procrastinate the low value

g. Before start any task or activity make sure it is in the top 20 % 

Ask yourself - "What is the highest Value Task I can be doing right now?" and then do that task before any others. This alone will double your productivity almost over night.


a. Begin by making a master list of everything you can think of you will have to do to accomplish your long-term plans. This is the central control list for your life

b. At the beginning of each month make a Monthly list of everything you will need to do in that month

c. At the beginning of every week make a weekly list and specify exactly when you will start and complete the tasks for that week

d. Make a daily list of your activities the night before so your subconscious mind can work on your list while you sleep

e. Always work from a list – something new comes up – add it to your list. Crossing off items one by one give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you and give you more energy. A score card and give you the winner feeling.

f. Time manager experts say that working from a list will increase your productivity by 25% the very first day you do it. 

g. All highly effective people think on paper and work from lists.


a. The reason you are working is to earn enough to spend time with family and enjoy your health and important parts of your personal life.

b. Work to have resources to enjoy life

c. Avoid being so preoccupied with work that you forget the reasons you are working hard

d. 85% of your sense of success will come from your happiness in your relationships and only 15% of your happiness will come your success in work.

e. Work hard to spend time with your family or in your relationships 

f. Organize time round spending time with your significant other and family

g. Formula for balance = It is the quantity of time at home (face time - and this is not TV time, etc) that counts and the quality of time at work and don’t mix them up.

h. Simplest rule of balance is – Put people first and of all the people, put the most important people in your life first.

i. When at work - work – don’t waste time because this is taking away from time with your family and important relationships

You could be right can save your joy

I have found that a lot of my joy in life comes from my relationships... Both with myself and with others... And I have learned and used a fantastic tool I will share today.

You probably have all experienced the tension or a negative reaction when someone has said something you disagree with or really didn't want to hear... You can react in a defensive way and "argue," or stew and go silent, or a lot of other negative reactions.

These negative reactions tend to move you away from the "joy of relationships" and at least in the moment, put you and your "other" into a more confrontational state... which usually doesn't serve anyone's outcome or intention...

Here is a tool that may serve to diffuse the current situation and allow for a more productive and/or rewarding interaction...

Try out the phrase: "You could be right."

That's it... There is really no arguing with this statement... it is absolutely true... and the use of these simple 4 words can and will significantly change the level of joy and happiness you have in your life... 

A final note for those who have a history of arguments with a significant other... these arguments can/could be viewed as a theatrical play where the two of you (the actors) have your own roles and a script that is essentially the same each time, with each of you reciting your lines on queue and where these words are perfectly phased to hit the "hot button(s)" of your significant other... (side note: I look at these people, who know my hot buttons, as my teachers and thank them)... have you ever been to a play where one actor forgot their lines... the rest of the actors are confused and don't know what to say or how to continue the play (argument) and it usually stops the play for at least a few seconds... 

Imagine the different feelings you will have in the next situation when you sincerely and authentically say, "You could be right" and what fun it will be to notice the difference in the reactions... and how you are now in a more resourceful state...

What is your Comfort Zone?

If you want something different that what you have in your current situation, a higher net worth, more income, better relationships, improved health, and it doesn't seem to be happening for you, you may be too comfortable with where you are today and so you may need to change. Just as when you want to permanently change the temperature in the room you will need to change the thermostat setting in the room, when you want to change your current situation you may need to change the thermostat of you personal comfort zone.

We tend to operate within our comfort zone and we are always thinking, acting, creating and attracting perfectly in ways that create that comfort zone. This is the zone we are comfortable with, in our health, relationship(s), money etc.... 

 and if something happens that causes our current situation to go lower than we are comfortable with (outside our comfort zone), we tend to take actions to move back into our comfort zone and if, on the positive side, something happens to take us out of our comfort zone to the upside, we may sabotage ourselves (unless we get comfortable at that new level)  to move back into the zone we are comfortable in... i.e a salesman meets his monthly quota in the first three days of the month with a large sale he may start playing online video games or going to the movies and not making or answering any more sales calls etc.....

Change happens in an  instant. The time leading up to the change is the preparation time for the change BUT 

Change Happens in an Instant.

One key to changing is to understand that, as you take actions and think the thoughts to move into the higher zone and when you start to operate in your new comfort zone, it will be uncomfortable, and as you continue to take these actions and think these thoughts, this new zone will become more and more comfortable and eventually will be your new comfort zone.... and the shorter the time (prep time) leading up to the change, the shorter will be your transition.....

AND the coolest thing is that, once we have established our new comfort zone, and after we have celebrated our accomplishments and successes, we can start the process again.... Life is Great

Action Steps:

Explore in detail the conditions and what you want in your "new comfort zone" and then start taking the steps and actions that will move you into this "new comfort zone." realizing they may not be comfortable in the beginning and that by doing them, they will become more and more comfortable... as you spend more time  in this new comfort zone.... Change your thermostat and expect a change in your situation, conditions and events you attract and create in your life.