Let me be the first to welcome you to the first day of the rest of your life and remind you the decisions you make right now will set the course of your future. 

 If an airplane gets off course by even one degree, and it doesn't course correct, it will end up in a completely unexpected place. Your life is similar to that airplane. Each choice you make can have a profound effect on your happiness, sense of satisfaction and your self-esteem. Where do you want to end up?

You are most likely here because you realize that going through life learning only from your own mistakes can be costly in both time and money and results. Now is the time to invest in yourself and learn from other people's mistakes. In the long run and in the short run, this will pay off in improvements in your health, wealth, and happiness.


Success TidBits is just a few of the Weekly TidBits we send out and will help you think and act in ways that you will start attracting the things you want in your life.

Options Trading is an over view of what trading options is all about and what the risks and potential rewards are. It includes a few chart examples with so rules and methodologies that will help you become a profitable trader.

We have a discussion forum and we have a Blog designed to  allow for your questions to get answered and to get exposure to new or remembered ways of thinking.