Advanced Services


Advanced Services Available:
For those who want to make a quantum leap - right now.

TELE-COACHING: to keep your momentum going. All top professionals have a coach! Learn how to increase you income, develop your strengths, organize your time, and improve every area of your life. Work with me personally for 16 intensive weeks, including an initial Personality Profile, a workbook, exercises and personal accountability. Your results will explode. 1) Unlock your full potential, 2) Double your Productivity, 3) Simplify Your Life, 4) Tap Your most Precious Resource, 5) Practice Personal Strategic Planning, 6) Supercharge your Business and Career, 7) Improve Your Family and Personal Life, 8) Achieve Financial Independence, 9) Enjoy Superb Health and Fitness, 10) Become Everything You are Capable of Becoming 11) Make a Difference in Your Community, and 12) Spiritual Development and Inner Peace. Every week you work one on one with me as your personal coach and I will help you make a quantum leap in your income, personal performance, and life satisfaction.


This program requires a significant commitment in time and your agreement to play full out so call (408) 712-9295 for details or e-mail( to see if you are ready and qualified to make this Quantum Leap in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Price for the 16 week Dreams To Reality Tele-coaching Program is $2500 and your commitment and time to make a Quantum Leap in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.


Current Specials:

I am also currently offering a Special Program for Options Traders who are interested in accumulating massive wealth while increasing their momentum in all areas of your life. There are some specific qualifications to participate and a personal informational phone interview is required. This is a free bonus when you sign up for Dreams To Reality Tele-coaching above. Experience a quantum leap in your personal life AND in your financial life at no extra cost.

 INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENTS for Emotional Health: Resolve Your Unnecessary Suffering and Change and Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs. Resolve Trauma, Shock, Shocking Images, Depression, Addictions, Forgive the Unforgivable, Resolve Co-Dependence, Resolve Self Esteem and Self Worth issues. Reach your Full Potential. You do not have to live with these limiting issues when you can resolve them in what is usually one appointment. 


Cost is $295 per hour plus travel expenses. Call or email to learn more about the results you can expect. Almost all issues are resolved in one, one hour session.


The time to call is now (408) 712-9295